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Last week brought an unprecedented event in the history of Thai politics. Princess Ubolratana was named the Thai Raksa Chart party’s nominee for prime minister, breaking decades of tradition that has kept the monarchy out of politics in Thailand. The same day, King Maha Vajiralongkorn, her younger brother, denounced her candidacy, calling it “inappropriate and unconstitutional.” On Monday...

Washington Post Feb 15, 2019
Wait -- what's going on in Thailand? 
Washington Post Oct 26, 2016
Thailand’s king helped unify the country. But there are other forces for nationalism.

Since the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Oct. 13, Thais the world over have been in mourning. After 70 years of a monarchy that kept the country united despite internal and external stressors, what’s next for Thailand?...

Washington Post Feb 6, 2013
Why Thai protests are unlikely to result in electoral success.

Thailand is currently engaged in another round of political brinksmanship. The instigators of the recent unrest are the latest incarnation of the anti-Thaksin movement that has been a constant feature of Thai politics since...

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